Our Brand New Auditorium

Jessie Eastburn, Staff Reporter

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For students in Conrad Schools of Science, it will now be easier to fall asleep during long assemblies in the auditorium! IT is newly outfitted with plush seats, polished stairs, refurbished ceiling, handicap availability, and a classically patterned carpet featuring our favorite school color, red. With a new sound system installed, Mr. Vincent’s smooth timbre will sound even clearer. Our theatre has never looked better! When asked what students thought of the new auditorium, senior Jordan Woodside responded, “It’s okay I guess. It’s nice but not too nice.”  Senior Jada Woodrow then laughingly commented, “It’s the bare minimum of greatness.” Just kidding Mr. Pruitt, everyone loves it! No longer will our pants be caught on loose screws. No longer will we trip down wobbly stairs. No longer will our muscles ache from sitting on uncomfortable chairs. No longer will Conrad students have to deal with an ancient auditorium. Conrad students are truly thankful for our newly renovated auditorium, and I would like to say for all the students at Conrad, thank you.