Conrad, what?

Kyra Brown, Staff Reporter

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Since 1935, Conrad has always been referred to as the “Conrad Redskins”. In June, the Red Clay Consolidated School District voted to void the school of their prejudice mascot and remove the term “Redskins.” So, the process has begun as Conrad searches for their new beginning. The committee involved is called the “Conrad Mascot Work Group”. It’s comprised of 15 student members and 2 staff members. The staff members involved are Josh Farside and Nora Wolford. The student members will consist of four class presidents, a middle school student council representative, four high school athletic team sports captains (two male and two female), four extra-curricular club leaders, and two middle school students.Within this process, the students will comprise a list and go through a round of elimination in order to obtain a list of the top 4 mascot names. After the top 4 are decided, the entire student body will be involved, voting to determine Conrad’s newest and improved mascot. It’s set to be announced on February 12th, 2017. From this point forward, these are the current dates leading up to the final decision!


September 16 : Coaches/Advisors send names of nominees

September 23: Work group members selected from “hat”

October 1-11: Four work group meetings to determine finalists

November 28: Provide finalists to local Native American tribes for feedback

January 3-31: Campaign: announce finalists, share artwork and rationale for selections

February 2-3: Student body vote