Conrad Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary!

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Conrad Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary!

Jada Woodrow, Staff Reporter

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The vibrant spirit of Conrad Schools of Science was born ten years ago. Looking back on these times, we would like to commemorate this anniversary by highlighting some of our most tremendous and memorable accomplishments from our first ten years.

  • Opening its doors as a middle-senior High School in 2007 with 650 students from grades sixth through ninth.
  • In 2008, we gained a wonderful leader  when  Mark Pruitt was appointed as Principal of the newly resurrected Conrad. He later won principal of the year for secondary schools in Delaware in the 2014-2015 school year.  
  • In 2009, Delaware Today published a statement in Delaware’s secondary school rankings, identifying why Conrad stands out–the statement read, “Conrad is one of only three biotech-allied health high schools in the Mid-Atlantic.”
  • In 2010, Beth Blohm, was featured in a two-day nationally broadcast series from NBC on education reform as stated by The News Journal on September 28th .  Blohm said “Basically, it’s causing some conversions, not creating solutions. We are just getting the debate going here.” That same day, Conrad Senior, Jessica Kahn was involved with a conference call with Governor Markell concerning school funding, DCAS, and the Race to the Top program.
  • In 2011, Conrad installed a new Distance Learning Lab, broadening our school to include more challenging and beneficial dual-enrollment courses. Around the same time, Conrad began their Chinese program run by Juping Wang of China and later taken over by Lijing Luo. The Program has been so successful that the Chinese students were invited to spend a month over the summer of 2015 visiting beautiful sites of China.   
  •  In 2013, having the highest total energy savings earned by public schools household members, we won the Delmarva Energy Award for $10,000.
  • The 2015-2016 school year welcomed the Xploration Earth 2050 crew looking into the question, “What will the Earth look like in 2050?” Conrad will be featured in an episode this fall on Fox.
  • Later in 2015, our Odyssey of the Mind team took us to the World Finals Championship for the 4th year in a row.

The rise of Conrad Schools of Science all started ten years ago, following the Conrad High School traditions and expectations  set throughout the past 75 years. We have and will continue to exceed the expectations.