Tips for Incoming Freshmen!

Zion Watson, Staff Reporter

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Now I know that it’s hard starting out in a new school–believe me, I was once on your shoes, so to make your high school experience great, here are some tips that will surely help you survive high school.

  • Be Organized – You should always have a locker, so you won’t have to carry all of your books. Also, make sure you have a backpack or two, so you don’t have to switch out supplies for your schedules.
  • Don’t Come Late to Class – Always arrive to class on time, so you don’t miss that important test or miss any notes. Remember, three lates equals a detention!
  • Always Do Your Homework – I know that dreaded “H’ word haunts us all, and many of us ask, “Why do we have to do homework? It’s not going to help us in the “real” world” Yes, that may be true, but homework is just a warm-up to what college has to offer!
  • Grades are important – Even though you are making friends and starting out new, grades must be the main focus! It’s important to start off the year strong!
  • Be yourself – You may be wondering why “being yourself” is even added as a tip. Now, you might have been the guy who’s into anime or the girl who’s into fashion or vice versa, but sometimes, in a new setting, we want to change for the wrong reasons–whether it’s to impress someone or simply fit in with the crowd. However, being yourself is better than being anyone else!