Elon Musk Plans Humans Living on Mars in 2025

Zion Watson, Staff Reporter

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CEO and CTO of SpaceX, Tesla Motors, SolarCity and Paypal, Elon Musk, is planning to create a way for people to live on Mars. Musk’s space transport company, SpaceX, is building a rocket system to transport people to the red planet. Musk expects people to be able to reach Mars within a decade. The rocket system would need to be fully reusable, able to be refueled in orbit, have the ability to produce fuel on Mars, and identify the ideal propellant. The original cost to visit Mars is estimated to be $10 billion per person, but Musk would want to bring the price down to $200,000, if the rocket system worked. The actual system in place would let people colonize and travel to Mars every two years.

However, I believe that we are wasting money on devising an impossible trip to Mars and back. There have been marked failures of this rocket system–one being when an unmanned rocket and its payload exploded 2 days before it was set to launch.  Where do companies receive all of this money and is it worth utilizing towards exploration to a radioactive planet?  Mars consists of radiation which would burn a human being without a radiation shield–costing over $100,000. Plus, attempting to raise a family on Mars would be harmful to the children, weakening their bones and muscles to the point where they wouldn’t be able to handle Earth’s gravity.

Now there’s a bigger problem–ethics!  Trying to colonize a planet can cause many issues. This plan could involve sending a nuke to hit mars causing GLOBAL WARMING, potentially destroying space as we know it. Louisiana State University geology and geophysics professor Peter Doran said, “Privately funded missions still have to abide by the rules that are there to protect the science while they are on the planet, and then to protect Earth on their return,”. Meaning that even though Elon has the funds to privately invest in these trips he has to follow proper protocol.

Elon should be investing his money into bigger issues, such as poverty and education. In the United States, there is more money being put into prisons and the military to fund pointless wars than in actual schools. In New York and New Jersey, many school systems are not given adequate funds to provide children with a quality education, causing an increase in dropouts and the shutdown of schools. There are also homeless people wandering the streets, and many low income families aren’t given a fair chance to succeed.