Jada Woodrow, Staff Reporter

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#Adulting is the latest tweet that expresses Millennials struggle to advance into the next step of life: adulthood. Learning how to be a “grown up” is seemingly becoming  more and more of a challenging task. From the rising cost of college, to the increasing number of students moving back home due to debt, to the difficulty that comes with finding a job, today’s young adults are struggling. It has become undeniably evident that the age in which this generation is meeting landmark accomplishments is progressively getting older.  The term #adulting has been coined by our generation to explain how we are doing everyday mature things that must be done; except, we see this as a major accomplishment–the word “adulting” is a way to congratulate ourselves. This behavior is indicative of something much greater. We have no idea what it means to be an adult or to have real responsibility. Maybe #adulting is just a phase and will disappear as we age, or maybe our society needs to step it up when it comes to preparing teenagers for the real world. The definition of growing up itself has changed.The idea that we don’t have to grow up is straight out of Peter Pan. Millennials view that being an adult entails strict and boring obligations without any opportunities to have fun. Young adults do have to realize that being an adult is not a hashtag where they can pick and choose what responsibilities they want to have. They have to actually be responsible, but that doesn’t mean life as an adult can’t be fun. # adultingeveryday.