The Biotech Fair is Approaching!

Jada Woodrow, Staff Reporter

This year, Conrad hosts its 8th annual Biotechnology fair, featuring students from our Biotech 2 through 4 classes, as they design and execute their own experiments. In the lab for months, students take the skills they have learned and devise a lab of their own, transforming the classroom. On March 29th, these same students will take their completed projects and present them in the cafeteria from 2:30 to 4:30–a test of their preparedness, professionalism, passion, and understanding for the biotechnology pathway and future. Biotech 1 students walk around and evaluate the older courses projects. Parents, teachers, CEO’s from biotech companies, professors, politicians, and board members are all invited to have a look at the work of the students. Visitors may ask questions and bring much sought after opportunities for students who show potential. In past years students have been given opportunities such as paid internships doing research with the University of Delaware and the chance to participate in the paid summer internship LEAF with the Delaware conservatory. Come out and support our biotech students!