The Story of Lukas


Aleana Diaz, Staff

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Lukas Kusters was a young boy that loved football and loved eagles. When he was 8 years old Lukas was diagnosed with stomach cancer. He fought through this tough battle of cancer for 2 years. Make-a-wish foundation contacted him and the only thing he wanted to do was to thank Carson Wentz. Lukas spent a full day with the team hanging out and having fun even through the pain he was having. When it was time for Lukas to leave he gave Carson one of his “dutch destroyer” bracelets. This is a bracelet that represents Lukas and his love for football. Carson wears this bracelet every game on his wrist. In the video Carson Wentz, the Dutch Destroyer and a dream come true his says “My baby may not get to live his dream of being in the NFL but he’s awful close right now”.