Venezuela In Crisis

Sofia Henriquez, Staff

Venezuela, a country in South America, has experienced another devastating crisis in their prisons. Inmates set fire to the matresses in an attempt to escape on March 28, but the fire quickly got out of control, taking the lives of 68 people. Almost all who died were prison inmates, but there were a few people visiting who were killed, and a police officer was shot before the fire started. The prisons in Venezuela are horribly overcrowded, and they are not new to violent prison riots. This hasn’t been the first time that a large amount of deaths occurred at a prison in Venezuela. In August of last year there was a riot that left 37 dead, in March another 14 were found dead, and in 2013 there were more than 60 dead after another prison riot. Prison riots aren’t the only reason that the inmates meet a cruel fate, 65 died last year due to disease or malnutrition. Today, many families are gathered aroung the prison, demanding the names of the dead, for fear that their loved ones are among the fallen.