The Rise Of Conrad’s Marching Band

Alexis Dayett, Staff

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Band season is starting up with a major growth. The band and guard has gained 18 people this season. 10 people have joined the band alone to make a total of 43 people. Guard alone has gained 8 people which makes the total size 11. This year’s season is very exciting because our theme is “The rise and Fall Of Rome” which means our show will include Roman Pillars, Death and lots of Fire. Aside from Football games, the band will attend 3 competitions and Chapters. Incase you do not know what chapters are, Chapters are the semi finals for marching bands. The Labor day parade just pasted and the band did an amazing job. The band sounds better than they have all year and the guard was all in time. Now with that being said we do still have a lot of work to do since our first performance is on Saturday the 8th. The Guard Instructor made all of the uniforms by hand but she still needs to sew 2 of them, the band still needs to work on drill, flags need to be switched, acting has to be performed, the guard still needs to learn work to the 2nd and 3rd numbers. No matter how much we have to get done, I believe we can get all the work done in time. So if you see someone in band wish them good luck for Saturday. I asked multiply band members the following questions and these are the different responds.

How do you feel about the band season so far?

Are you ready for the first game?

Who do you think is working the hardest in the band?

What section is working the hardest for the game?

Tristen, A veteran in Color Guard said, “I feel confident about this band season. I feel like they have definitely been struggling but it will shape out for a good season. I’m ready for the first game, I’m actually really excited for it. The person who is definitely working the hardest in the band would have to be our Junior Drum Major, Lenny. He has been devoting a lot of time into the band this year to try and make this year fun and make the show turn out amazing. The section working the hardest would probably be Colorguard, now some people think I am probably being bias because I’m in Color Guard but it is definitely the hardest working section. We have the most amount of newbies out of any section in band, the Color Guard has also had the most amount of drill down and they have started to learn the work for the second number”

Senior and Junior Drum Majors

“Marching band season so far could be better. I feel like a lot of the student leadership needs to be pushed. I am absolutely ready for this season! I think Conall(Alto sax) is the hardest working rookey.” Lenny, the junior Drum major says.

“I feel like we have a lot of younger students which can be hard but it is exciting to watch them learn. Oh my gosh yes I am so excited, we put in a lot of hard work and I can’t wait for everyone to get in the feeling.  I think that everyone has worked hard but there are people who have worked harder. The trumpets always have the pregame ritual with little star but I think everyone is working,” Liz Logemann, the Drum Major player stated.

“Um that’s a very broad question, I feel like we are going pretty good considering how many new people there are. We could be getting more done. I am ready for the first game, yes. Lenny is working the hardest, he has a lot of work since he has to run the band and he has his keyboard. Each section has people who work hard like Robert from trumpets but i can’t say one is the best.” Michael Riello, a saxophone player.

“It’s been going well. Uh confidence wise yes, music wise so, so. I would have to say Lenny is working the hardest since it is an adjustment for him. He is dealing with everything. I would have to say drum line is working the hardest, not just because I am in there but there are 5 rookies in there. The bass drums have been working hard together and improving.” Braydon Hamberg, a tenor player says.