Kim Helps Gets Another Pardon

Aryanna Lingo, Staff

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Kim Kardashian West is continuing to help free drug offenders who have received extreme sentences.

Less than a year ago, Kim helped Alice Johnson, a 63 year old grandmother who was serving life in prison for a nonviolent drug offense, case. Kim wrote on twitter, “It started with Ms. Alice, but looking at her and seeing the faces and learning the stories of the men and women I’ve met inside prisons I knew I couldn’t stop at just one. It’s time for REAL systemic change.”  

She is now working with Chris Young- a 30 year old man who has been sentenced to life in prison for drug possession after receiving 3 strikes. Young is currently serving life life without parole for a nonviolent drug offense. Kim Kardashian West has had a great success with the criminal justice reform, convincing Trump to commute Johnson’s life sentence in June 2018.