New Sports Fields


Julian Leon, Staff

The news buzzing around the school is “what is going on with those fields?” “What happened to it? Why our we fixing it?” I’m here to tell you. After a sit down with the new Athletic Director, Pat Williamson, I have all the answers. New fields are being built because the football stadium was being used too much and the grass never had enough time to regenerate, thus the horrible conditions of the fields, which could lead to more injuries and put our athletes at risk. The plan is to move our baseball stadium to Richey Elementary School and as for Conrad, the softball team will get a new field while 2 new multi purpose fields will be made next to it. The first field is for both boys and girls lacrosse while the second is for both boys and girls soccer. This will allow only a certain amount of sports on each fields giving time for the grass to regrow which, in turn, will cause less injuries to the athletes.