Shooting in Wilmington

Photo Via Delaware Online

Photo Via Delaware Online

Leslie Tovar, Staff

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 Early Wednesday morning a 25 year old man, Blayton Palmer was shot on the 2300 block of North Market Street. According to Wilmington police, it took place around 4 a.m. where a bystander had informed them about Palmer and his condition. Police found him in critical condition and was later pronounced dead from the gunshot injuries. As for the shooter no details have been provided and police are still investigating. Although Wilmington shootings are down significantly compared to last year, there is still great concern in the safety of the residents near the area. According to News Journal records, 61 people in 2018 have been shot in the city and 15 of them passed away. This should raise awareness of gun safety to the residents of Wilmington to help create a more safe and positive community.