Dentist Killed by Hitman After Love Triangle

Blade Tyrrell, Staff

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A man is given the death penalty by lethal injection after being found guilty for capital murder. The victim, Dr. Kendra Hatcher, was shot and killed in a parking garage at her apartment building in Dallas, Texas. The man is 34 year old Kristopher Love. According to prosecutors, Love was hired by Brenda Delago. She was the ex-girlfriend of Hatcher’s current boyfriend. Delago used a black Iphone to track Hatcher’s own cellular phone. Afterwards, Delago bribed Love with drugs to arrange for him to murder Hatcher. Delago was then on the run for 6 months until she was finally apprehended in Torreon, Mexico. She was also on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. Delago paid Crystal Cortes $500 to be a ‘getaway driver’. Cortes pleaded guilty in court and was given a 35 year sentence.