First Step Act


Shomudro Gupta, Staff

Recently, President Trump has worked with House Democrats and Republicans to push H.R. 5682, known as the First Step Act. This act is a bipartisan criminal justice reform effort to provide a smoother transition back to civilian life for offenders and criminals alike, as well as reforms to how inmates are treated in the cell.  The objectives of the bill are as follows, according to as well as the premise of the official text:


  • Bans the shackling of pregnant and postpartum women
  • Ensures people are placed in facilities within 500 driving miles from their families
  • Creates an Earned Time Credit system that allows people to earn ten days of credit for every 30 days of programming and shorten their time in prison to be served instead in halfway houses, home confinement, or on community supervision
  • Compels the BOP to match individual needs to programs, training, and services, so that men and women return home job-ready
  • Provides an ID card for every person when they are released
  • Brings home 4,000 people *immediately* due to retroactive Good Time credits. 

The Resolution is online for those willing to read the transcript and make their judgments regarding the potential treatment of those incarcerated.