Brevard Zoo Rhino


Family observing a rhino. Courtesy of Brevard Zoo

Shomudro Gupta, Staff

Yesterday, a two-year old girl was released from Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children after stumbling into a rhino enclosure at the Brevard Zoo in Florida. The incident occurred during the Zoo’s regularly scheduled Rhino Encounter, in which guests are queued through an area where only steel bars separate them from Earth’s third largest land mammal. There, guests can pet and even feed the rhinos while an attendant gives information about the rhinos’ demeanor and plight in the wild. According to zoo officials, at some point during this particular event, the girl fell through the gap between the bars, and one of the rhinos came in contact with her, gently touching her with its snout. While the details regarding her injury were not disclosed to the general public, most likely some form of sprain or bruise, she was breathing and conscious even as she was airlifted to the hospital. The encounter is being modified currently to prevent future incidents.