Hummers Parade Horror

A float, labelled

A float, labelled "Border Detention Center", with two people posed in cages. Photo via Delaware Online

Leslie Tovar, Staff

This years Hummers parade that took place in Middletown, Delaware on the first of January has stirred up a lot of controversy regarding one of the floats. The float portrayed a border detention center with children locked up in cages, with signs that had racist remarks on them like, “we’ll build this wall”, and had a child and an adult with little to no clothing in the cage. Although the parade is well known for its controversial displays of the previous year’s political, cultural and social issues, some floats this year have crossed “a line from tongue-in-cheek irreverence to poor taste.” according to Delaware’s Senate Democrats. This was brought to the attention of  senator Stephanie Hanson who witnessed the float in person and spoke up about it to the city council.

The city council held a meeting regarding these concerns, Mayor Kenneth Branagh spoke on this incident saying he understood the outcry, stating, “There were some entries that were offensive and totally inappropriate and these actions are now going to be addressed for any future gatherings,”. He says he will have council members to set guidelines and approve floats beforehand for next year’s parade and will get permits distributed for participants that want to take place in this event. He insures this issue will be solved for the year to come.