A Tale of 2 Chases



The aftermath of the second police chase at Philadelphia International Airport.

Steven Escobar, Editor In Chief

Two men from Delaware were responsible for 2 separate Police Chases that both crossed state lines.

The first chase began in Wilmington on January 9th, after 26-year-old DeJuan Robinson fled from police after an attempted traffic stop. Robinson is wanted for multiple homicides in Wilmington. He then caused police to give chase to him, where he crossed state lines and made it to South Philadelphia. In the process, 3 police officers were injured, including 2 from Wilmington and a PA State Trooper. The chase ended after Robinson crashed into a SEPTA Bus, causing a passenger to get injured. Amazingly, he managed to escape police and is still wanted by police.

The second chase began on I-95 that same day after State Troopers spotted a man driving on the opposite side of I-95. Officers then gave chase to the man all the way to Philadelphia International Airport, where the driver spun out and crashed. When police arrested the man, it was revealed that the man was naked and was possibly intoxicated. Police have not said the status of the man’s condition.