Conrad Drama Presents “Wonka”


Conrad Drama "Wonka" poster

Alexis Dayett, Staff

For those Drama enthusiasts, Willie Wonka is almost here!Our team has put a lot of effort into polishing this time honored play and would much appreciate everyone’s attendance. At this point, stage crew, tech, and lighting have put in  close to one hundred hours of hard work and creativity. Please consider attending one of the many shows to show your support for this dynamic group of students. The seniors who will be performing in the play include Meolah Delinois, Hailey Donaldson, Julia Famiglietti, Hannah Howard, Lee Williamson, Sarah Umbrecht, Jacqueline Thomas, Mayrin Canales and finally Sarah Schoen. The dates are the following, Jan 25 (@7), Jan 26 (@7), Feb 1 (@7) and Feb 2 (@1 and @7). Tickets are available at the door for 10 dollars. Good luck to director Rob Naylor and the drama club!