Commentary from Trump


Donald Trump addressing the nation

Shomudro Gupta, Staff

On January 8th, 2019, President Donald Trump gave a televised address to the nation regarding the reason for the currently ongoing partial government shutdown, border security. In this address, Trump highlights the necessity for proper border security, framing it as a humanitarian crisis for not only Americans, but for the migrants making the perilous and danger-fraught journey into their Promised Land. Trump highlights cases of migrant children that were little more than hostages at the behest of coyotes, cartels and gangs, as well as cases of illegal migrants who were repeatedly deported that killed numerous Americans, such as a police officer in California, a 16-year-old girl in Maryland, and an Air Force veteran who was raped and beaten to death. He then went on to highlight his vision for a heavily revamped border system, including allocated funds for immigrant judges, border agents, and law enforcement officials as well as state-of-the-art technology. Instead of catering to a voter base or perpetuating an agenda, Trump makes his call to action a multilateral one, reaching across the political divide to prevent the perpetuation of an everlasting travesty.


With regards to Trump’s plan, one facet that should have been touched upon is the cumbersome and bureaucratic citizenship process, effectively incentivizing desperate migrants from despondent situations to make the perilous journey up to the border, where they would be used as little more than talking points in the Political Round Table rather than being addressed as hardworking, earnest individuals. Many immigrants who come to this country either have expired documents, overstayed visas or overstayed Green Cards, none of which a wall would impede. What a wall WILL do is effectively state our sovereignty. If Mexican border law includes ten years in prison for accidentally crossing the border, effectively staking their claim to their land, American border law should be just as stringent. With that said, the citizenship process shouldn’t take ten years and mountains of paperwork to go through. While vetting and other security precautions are needed, we shouldn’t necessarily bar those who legitimately want to move into our Country and admire the fact that we fought for our individual rights and liberties. With that said, alternate options are available with regards to border security, such as cattle wire, a laser security system (as already implemented in India), or even a canal running alongside the Rio Grande.