Police Officer Demoted Over Snapchat Video

Photo via ABC News

Photo via ABC News

Alexis Dayett, Staff

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In Detroit, a police officer was demoted after posting a racially insensitive Snapchat of him making fun of a black woman that he pulled over during a traffic stop. Ariel Moore, 23, was pulled over on Tuesday by Officer Gary Steele for having expired plates. Steele filmed the girl walking home in the cold and dark using the caption: “What black girl magic looks like.” After the video was posted, an investigation was launched, and the officer has been reassigned. The video was called “derogatory” and “racially insensitive”. In the Snapchat video, a filter that says “celebrate black history month” appears on-screen, and the officer is also heard commenting “walk of shame in the cold”.He is also heard on-camera saying “bye Felicia” as she walked through the snow-covered streets.