Delaware Car Accidents


Wilmington Police squad car Via WDEL

Leslie Tovar, Staff

   A Shortlidge Elementary School student was walking home on Thursday afternoon from school when a vehicle turning down the 1800 block of North West Street into the schools parking lot hit the 8 year old girl. Wilmington police say the van was turning fast into the parking lot of the school and didn’t see her. The girl was caught underneath the van and a nearby witness had to rescue her from under the truck. The girl was taken to the Nemours/A.I duPont Hospital where she is being treated for non life threatening injuries. She is in stable condition. Another incident happened the next day in New Castle County Friday afternoon where a black Dodge Challenger struck a man and then fled the scene. The victim of this hit and run was a 23 year old man who told the New Castle County police he was walking and had seen the vehicle coming his way. He tried to jump out of the way but was struck by the vehicle and thrown.The vehicle then drove off heading toward Maryland Ave. Both of these incidences are still undergoing investigations. Police are still looking for the Dodge Challenger.