Jussie Smollett Charged with Class 4 Felony


Jussie Smollett's booking photo taken Thursday morning.

Shomudro Gupta, Staff

On Thursday, February 21st, Empire actor Jussie Smollett was arrested on charges of filing a false police report, a class 4 felony in Chicago. Smollett alleged that two men wearing red hats akin to President Trump’s campaign attacked him on January 28th, dousing him with an unknown chemical, applying a noose around his neck and spewing racial and homophobic slurs, along with the phrase “This is MAGA Country!”. After recent revelations regarding the case, in which Smollett paid two Nigerian extras from the set of Empire to orchestrate the attack, and sent himself the threatening letter earlier on January 22nd that eventually led to the attack, Smollett was indicted and arrested. According to Chicago police chief Eddie Johnson, Smollett paid $3500 to the extras to orchestrate the attack, allegedly because “he was dissatisfied with his salary”. Johnson then made the following statement on a televised news conference Thursday morning: “‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett took advantage of the pain and anger of racism to promote his career,” Johnson said in the news conference. “Why would anyone, especially an African American man, use the symbolism of a noose to make false accusations?”


Jussie Smollett is absolutely ignorant of the power of media. If these revelations were kept under wraps, riots and national conflicts would ensue over an assumption never confirmed. The fact that the media can and has fanned the flames of conflict is downright nauseating and vomit-inducing. Whether or not Smollett really did this doesn’t matter in the context of potential conflict. What matters is the fallout and his ignorance regarding the power of media.