AAF Rolls In Success



A collection of AAF players standing together.

Justin Charlton, Staff

With 10 days in, and a great first week in the books, the new crazed football league, the AAF,  is looking at a very promising first season.

With many of its participants being ex-NFL and ex-college players, that figure alone brings in many viewers who are trying to fulfill their post-NFL cravings. Not only are the players catching viewers attention but also the rule changes, like changes to onside kicks and very lenient contact rules. All of this, however, came to a sudden stop when the AAF reportedly needed a $225 million loan just to stay afloat. That loan came from NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon. Many wondered why Dundon decided to pay the AAF’s debts and he responded with, “I provide capital, and they have bills to pay.”

Dundon stated that he was given the opportunity to invest in the league earlier but waited to see the quality and appearance of the new football league. After week one, it seems he was impressed and believes that the AAF can be a successful investment.