Andrew Yang Running For President

Photo of Andrew Yang

Photo of Andrew Yang

Shomudro Gupta, Staff

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Presidential hopeful Andrew Yang recently qualified for the first Democratic presidential debate, having cleared over 65,000 individual donors. Yang, an entrepreneur from New York, is running on a series of large-scale proposals, be it societal or financial. One such proposal is a $12,000 universal basic income (UBI) doled out in $1,000 dividends monthly. Yang has stated on Twitter that “…UBI is capitalism where income does not start at zero. Rather than spend tax income on bureaucracy it is given directly to people”. Another proposal Yang has made is a government-run mobile app reminiscent of China’s social credit system, which would reward Americans with “digital social credits” for charitable behavior. Examples of such behavior are outlined on Yang’s campaign website, including “participating in a town fair,” “fixing a neighbor’s appliance” or “tutoring a student”. Said social credits can be used in lieu of financial transactions, effectively becoming a unit of currency alongside the current Dollar system.