Broadway Gets Adaptations

A poster for the musical

Stephen Schwartz

A poster for the musical "Wicked".

Alexis Dayett, Staff

 2 well known Broadway shows are slated to receive movie adaptions within the coming years.

Famous musical “Wicked” will be getting an adaption in 2021.

The well known musical, after spending nearly 16 years at Broadway, The movie will be released near the holiday season. It is currently unknown who will be starring in the adaptation, but rumor says that Idina Menzel will be reclaiming her role as Elphaba. Speculation also believes Kristin Chenoweth will be playing Glinda, and Ryan McCartan as Fiyero.

McCartan is very much well known to the theater community, as he starred in musicals such as  ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ as well as playing JD in ‘Heathers’. He is also known for his role in Disney’s ‘Liv and Maddie’, as the dumb loveable jock, Diggy.

No matter who is ultimately chosen for the role, the movie is slated to become a massive hit due to 

Speaking of adaptations coming to Broadway…

Many Broadway fans will be excited because ‘Be More Chill’ not only just came to Broadway but will also be getting its own movie adaptation as well.

If you’ve have never heard of ‘Be More Chill’ or BMC for short, you’re not alone. The soundtrack of this musical is based on the famous book by Ned Vizzini. The book and musical are similar and that makes many happy as more often than not, adaptations are not always true to the original text, just like how the Percy Jackson movies received criticism for being nothing like the text was adapted from.

BMC is about two guys who are best friends, Jeremy Heere, and Michael Mell. They are both labeled “social outcasts” at their school. Jeremy is in love with a girl named Christin, with Jeremy being too scared to ask her out. Christin decides to buy a pill known as a SQUIP (Super Quantum Unit Intel Processor).

The SQUIP pill takes over Jeremy and the pill is dedicated to turning Jeremy into a popular kid, even going as far as ditching Michael on the SQUIP’s quest. During the musical, the SQUIP infects nearly everyone in the cast and takes over their minds as well.  I won’t spoil the rest of the play, but if you like stories like this, then I really recommend giving the Soundtrack a listen. But just as a warning, when you get to the song called “Michael in the Bathroom”, you may want to have tissues handy.

In 2018, the BMC fandom on Tumblr got the musical on the trending tags, only being second to the well-known musical “Hamilton”. The movie’s release date is still unknown as the cast is still being filled as of this writing. Personally, I hope they use the original cast from the musical for the movie. I would love to see George Salazar returning to play Michael Mell!