Norway Cruise Ship Loses Power


Norway Cruise Ship

Kathryn Dykes, Staff

A cruise ship with nearly 1,400 passengers and crew members lost engine power in heavy winds and waves more than 25 feet near the coast of Norway last weekend. Several people were injured and had to undergo a painstaking, hours-long evacuation. After 14 hours, only 280 of the 1,373 people on board had been removed. When helicopters reached the ship, passengers were being removed one at a time because the wind speeds were more than 45 m.p.h. The helicopter could only carry 10 to 15 people at a time before it dropped them off at land. Some passengers who were airlifted from the ship’s deck, had arrived onshore bruised and battered, the Red Cross also said that some suffered broken bones. People who had been flown off the ship were put up in hotels, and others were arranged return flights. They say the ship’s engines couldn’t handle the extreme power needed to battle the elements to avoid the storm, that is the reason they’re saying the engines failed and they lost power, but the investigation continues.