New Show “The Act”



A teaser picture for the show.

Alexis Dayett, Staff

A new true crime show based on a real-life story called ¨The Act¨ is now streaming on Hulu.

The plot centers around a girl named Gypsy who thought she was not a typical girl and believed that she had many diseases and other medical conditions. But as it turns out, Gypsy’s mother, DeeDee, was lying to her all along. DeeDee went so far as to lie about Gypsy’s own age to her and others. DeeDee also ended up using Gypsy for theft and other crimes.

For what reason, you may ask, would a mother do such things to her own Daughter?

The reason why DeeDee did all of this was to make people feel sorry for her and her online boyfriend: Nick.


By the end of the series, Gypsy did end up planning DeeDee’s murder with her online boyfriend, Nick. DeeDee was murdered by them both and they ended up being sent to prison.

I believe this is one of the best shows streamed on Hulu in a while, next to such classics as Harlots and The Handmaid’s Tale, and I would recommend anyone interested in true crime shows to watch it!