Notre Dame Catches Fire


Getty Images

Notre Dame seen on fire in Paris, France.

Blade Tyrrell, Staff

Historic and religious icon,  Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris France,  had fire alarms sound off  at 6:20 pm on April 15th at the beginning of the Christian Holy Week. The building was promptly evacuated of guests and employees before one sole employee went upstairs to check for signs of fire. Nothing was found on the lower floors, so the employee checked the most fragile part of the Notre Dame: the attic. Upon finding nothing, the fire alarm was shut off and things resumed as normal.

Approximately 23 minutes later, the fire alarm went off again at 6:43 pm. When the attic was checked, it was engulfed in flames. The fire caused debris to fall to the lower floors of the cathedral, causing them to go up in flames as well; additionally, some interior furniture began to burn. The attic is comprised of wooden beams, creating ‘the forest’ structure. Since Notre Dame was a medieval and gothic building, proper fire prevention measures were never taken during construction; when the Notre Dame finally caught fire, it was doomed.