The Fight For Abortion


National Review

A group of pro-choice women protesting abortion changes.

Leslie Tovar, Staff

In the last couple of weeks, Alabama has signed laws that restrict and illegalize abortion. The states of Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio and Mississippi months have pursued “heartbeat” bills that would ban abortion as soon as a doctor is able to detect a fetal heartbeat.

The Alabama law would ban abortion in almost all cases, with no exceptions of rape or incest unless the fetus or mother is in danger of surviving. The penalty for doctors who perform this procedure illegally is up to a 99 year sentence. Although these laws have not been put into place yet, abortion is still legal in all 50 states. A lot of controversy has been stirred up regarding the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision which legalized the practice. Many argue that nothing can be done, considering that it’s the right for Americans to abort until a fetus is viable. The controversy has sparked the voices of many fighting for the right of pro-choice. The disagreement between both sides has started an Abortion Law Movement, with protests on both sides on the issue.

It is yet to be seen whether more states will move to pass similar bills, as the decision looms under the Supreme Court.