Delaware Bans Plastic


Photo via The Story of Our Stuff

Allyson Norris, Staff

In the previous months, the topic of using excessive amounts of plastic has been a widespread issue. There are many rising debates that littering plastic results in the elimination of sea animals, and wildlife, whilst negatively affecting human health. These concerns have driven Delaware to try and reduce the amount of plastic being utilized by the community. The final say was determined when Delaware’s Governor, John Carney, signed a bill in July that will limit the distribution of single use plastic bags. The ban is set to be put in place January 1st, 2021 with only a select amount of large and/or popular chain stores being required to follow this new law, though there is an exception on plastic being used to cover food products. By decreasing the amount of plastic being used, Delaware is making the first step to challenge the fatal effects it has on it’s community and urging other states to make the same ban.