Prices Corner Restaurant Shut Down For Roaches

Photo by: Delaware Online

Photo by: Delaware Online

Lila Dammeyer

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Earlier this month, an Indian Restaurant in Prices Corner, Godavari, was shut down for “dead, dying, and live roaches”. The owner of the restaurant expressed that there had been “ongoing roach problems”, and that a pest control company was supposed to be called every two weeks. This seemingly did not work, as there were roaches found in the kitchen, storage rooms, under buffet tables, and in the dining area. Not only were there dead and live roaches, but also dead mice; one being found in a trap under the kitchen sink.

This isn’t the first time this year that a local restaurant has been shut down for insect problems. Just this summer, Crossroads was also briefly shut down for a roach problem. Godavari and Crossroads have both been re-opened to the public, but it’s uncertain that they will continue to have good service after these incidents.