iPhone Triggers Trypophobia

Picture from the Apple Event on Tuesday. Photo from BGR.com

Picture from the Apple Event on Tuesday. Photo from BGR.com

Devlin Barth, Staff

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Trypophobia; the fear or aversion of a cluster of holes.

On Tuesday, September 10th, Apple unveiled the new iPhone 11 to the world. The phone sports a 6.1 inch screen, which varies between versions, and an A13 Bionic CPU. Storage sizes come in 64GB – 256GB. The phone, particularly the “Pro” and “Pro Max” versions, have 3 rear facing cameras. This design choice has got people stirring on Twitter and other social media outlets claiming it’s triggering their “Trypophobia”. Now, trypophobia is a phobia that hasn’t been researched very often. The most we can say is what it is and why people are afraid of it. Geoff Cole, a visual scientist at the University of Essex said, “the phobia arises in part because the inducing stimuli share basic visual characteristics with those of dangerous organisms.” Cole’s research saw that 16% of the UK’s adult population, when shown a lotus pod, an image that typically triggers a trypophobic response, said the image was “uncomfortable or repulsive to look at.” Apple has yet to comment on the matter. The iPhone 11 will ship September 20.