2k20 is not off to a Good Start

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Nick Sierra, Staff

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2k20 has been trending on Twitter since its release due to many bugs and glitches players are encountering. So far, it’s not looking good for 2k Sports and players are already predicting an entire change coming for 2k21.

NBA 2k is the biggest basketball sports video game in the world. On September 6th, 2k Sports released their newest edition of 2k20. In the past 3 years, 2k Sports has been receiving backlash on the condition and quality of the last 3 editions of 2k, including 2k17, 2k18, and 2k19. 

Whether it’s unfair advantages of dribbling and speed boosting like in 2k17 or the disliked changes in game quality and efficiency like in 2k18 and 19, 2k Sports just have not got it right so with their announcements and trailers of 2k20, the 2k community thought there was gonna be a nice change to the game of 2k.

The day of which 2k20 released was 2k Sports worst nightmare. Twitter exploded with Tweets involving backlash about big issues with the new game including troubles ranging from progress saving, games crashing, slow loading screens and transitions, screens freezing, game bugs, loot crates, badge progress, and to put the icing on the cake of 2k20 there was an apparent glitch to cheat your way to a higher overall and faster progress achievement for PS4 users.

In an attempt to calm the 2k Community down 2k Sports sent out a line of Tweets regarding fixes and solutions for all of the problems players are dealing with. Players did receive a lot of updates and hotfixes for the game which unsurprisingly seemed to do nothing about the glitches and bugs players were having problems with. 2k Sports did however start to ban accounts and delete archetypes that were clearly built up using the recent glitch players were raging about on Twitter. So far all the 2k Community can do is hope new updates fix these glitches.