YouTube Vs. Creators


After the verification changes were rolled out, users posted pictures on social media showing that even YouTube’s own channel had lost its verification badge. From 9to5Google

Devlin Barth , Staff

Several content creators on the video sharing giant YouTube have reported that their “verified badges”, an emblem on a user’s profile to let a user know that a specific channel is the official one, have been taken off users’ channels on Thursday. YouTube sent out a tweet claiming they were reinventing the verification badge system. Most people, even those who did not have verified channels, responded to this tweet with backlash. Twitter user Tom Hakes writes, “This really just seems like a shift to put more mainstream media on trending and front page for longer periods of time and bury the handful of creators I would actually want to find and watch on YouTube.” The tweet itself details how the new system will work, and that it plans to roll out in October. The system aims to refine searching throughout the app, something that has received criticism in the past. However, YouTube informed creators that their badges were not taken, and that if they were sent an email saying they were, creators could appeal to it and hopefully get their badges back.