iPhone Price Differences

Credit to Apple

Credit to Apple

Emilio Bernal, Staff

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Not many people have the money to get an iPhone, but these specific prices are for the people that want it, need it, and live for it. Last year’s prices were almost the same as this year, but the only slight difference is that the iPhone 11 has a price of $699 dollars, while last year’s iPhone XR was priced at $749. This price difference for a new phone is very rare for Apple, most likely they are going to be intrigued, and might even buy it. Even if you think $699 is a lot, Apple has been offering a trade-in program and which it could save you up to $600. Again, we come to the more expensive iPhones: the iPhone 11 Pro and the Max. If people want to waste a whole rent’s worth in a hand sized phone, you deserve to have the best current technology in order to fit your needs such as having 5G WIFI.