Conrad vs. Archmere

Photo by: Conrad's Sports Team

Photo by: Conrad's Sports Team

Ja'Tier Berkley-Osborne, Staff

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This Saturday, Conrad’s Football played Archmere Academy. Archmere is a very disciplined and talented program, and Conrad has never beat them in the 13 years they’ve had their football program. At the beginning of the game, Archmere had all the momentum with two scores and Conrad’s starting quarterback going down with an injury. Despite this, Conrad stayed afloat with a touchdown before halftime; a thirty yard pass from Quinton Conway to JaTeir Berkley-Osborne.

Although Conrad made a lot of stops, the offense just couldn’t finish their drives in the end zone. Conrad lost with a 14-28 but showed many greats plays. Quinton Conway broke the passing record with 208 passing yards.