Swimmer Disqualified For Bathing Suit


Brecklynn Willis via DailyNews

Jennifer Turcios-Ramos, Staff

An Anchorage high school student won a swim meet but was later disqualified for the way her swimsuit fit her. After winning the race, officials deemed that while she was swimming her swimsuit shifted into a position which exposed too much of her back side. According to the official, the swimsuit did not fit her properly and therefore violated a rule. The Anchorage School District made a statement seeking to suspend the rule. The official who disqualified Brecklynn Willis, was not named, but according to the district they are working to discredit the individual for inappropriate timing of disqualification. Later, the Alaska school board reversed the ruling of the student. The reason the disqualification was reversed was due to the fact that the official did not notify the coach on how the swimsuit fit Brecklynn’s body before the race started.