Conrad vs First State Military Academy


Ja'Tier Berkley-Osborne, Staff

Conrad beat First State Military Academy September Twenty-first, 36-16. Conrad came out firing with a couple 5-6 yard runs and then, Quinton Conway delivered a 46-yard pass to JaTeir Berkley-Osborne, Kaleb Glynn finished the drive with a 1-yard run for a touchdown. Conrad’s quarterback Quinton Conway threw for 5 touchdowns, but sadly 2 got called back. JaTeir scored 3 touchdowns but a 70-yard bomb got called back. Eric Sommers even got a taste of the end zone even though it was called back because of a block in the back. Kaleb Glynn and Lennell Preston scored their first touchdowns of the season, Kaleb getting 2 and Lennell getting 1. The defense also racked up a couple of turnovers with 3 forced fumbles and 2 being recovered. The game was just well-played by our Redwolves, and we hope to see more for the rest of the season!