Australia is the First to Issue Animal Rights


Getty Images/iStock

Nick Sierra, Staff

We have human rights, but maybe animals deserve some too? The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has become the first jurisdiction in Australia to change the legal status of animals from a property point of view to a more sentient point of view . The animal welfare legislation passed extends the rights of  cats and dogs. City services say the bill was passed to make animal rights easier to understand and follow through. For example, now the ACT now recognizes animals as having intrinsic value and rights. The new laws criminalize neglecting to provide food, water, and shelter; owners can also be punished for failure to groom or care for their pets. ACT is known as an organization all for animal rights and the importance of animals.


What does this mean, you ask? Well, now those pets with owners that treat their pet like its a piece of property and not as a living animal can get prosecuted/charged for not taking care of their pets. It also needs to be considered that you could be facing imprisonment for violation of these laws, which is a real good start to end worldwide animal cruelty. It is unknown when the current world wide animal cruelty issues will be fixed but small starts like this make things better.