Overfishing Overseas

World Wildlife Fund

World Wildlife Fund

Emilio Bernal, Staff

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Humans tend to have a tendency to catch something on a big scale in which it is probably illegal in some other countries. The USA most likely fuels subsidies to private and non-private companies to support fishing practices. Let’s look at China, the world’s largest subsidy nation and one of the world’s largest overseas fleet. China has around 3,000 vessels roaming, ranging from: Africa, the Antarctic, and the Pacific. Around half of the world’s fish caught in 2004 have been caught by Chinese and Taiwanese overseas boats. After China, the EU comes next, contributing to around eleven percent of the global subsidies, going towards fishing. If nothing is done to stop overfishing, fish and other marine life are going to die and never come back. That may lead to famine and, by extension, the deaths of many people.