Car Crashes Into Delaware Canal

Photo via USA Today

Photo via USA Today

Leslie Tovar-Garcia, Staff

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An 18 year old male died trying to save his brothers after their car crashed into a Delaware canal on the 6th of October. In the car with the teen were his two younger brothers, cousin and his girlfriend. They were on there way to a football game when their Chevy HHR slipped and went into the south side of the Chesapeake and Delaware canal. When police arrived on scene they found the 16 year old girlfriend who gave police more information on what had happened. She informed police that the driver of the vehicle helped her get to shore and then went back in the water to save the three boys. Search and rescue team located the bodies of the 18 year old and two of the three boys. They were pronounced dead at the scene. The youngest of the three boys, a 6 year old, has not yet been located. The search is still ongoing. Police have not yet determined what caused the car to fall into the canal.