Conrad vs St. Elizabeth


Ja'Tier Berkley-Osborne, Staff

Conrad played St. Elizabeth on October 25th. The final score was 23-20 in a nailbiter. Conrad got off to an early first quarter lead with a 55 yard bomb from Quinton Conway to Ja’Teir Berkley-Osborne. The Redwolves started to slow down, while the Vikings spend up. St. Elizabeth scored 3 unanswered touchdowns in the second and third quarter. After halftime Conrad recovered a fumble on kickoff but penalties set them back. Then, once they got back on offense they had a near perfect drive and Quinton Conway scored a 1 yard QB sneak and gained major momentum with a score of 15-20. 4th quarter came and the Redwolf defense stepped up and forced St. Elizabeth to punt. After a terrible punt that rolled backward, Kaleb Glynn scored on a 6 yard toss and the 2 point conversion by Ja’Teir Berkley-Osborne put Conrad up 23-20. Conrad’s defense stepped up again and got a stop, but Conrad’s attempt on putting the game away failed and the Vikings got another chance. They gained some momentum but that was put to an end after Tyler Rutkowski’s tackle faultered. Then, Ja’Teir Berkley-Osborne put the game away with an interception.