Eminem Sides With Chris Brown

Photo via Us Weekly

Photo via Us Weekly

Aryanna Lingo, Staff

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Recently, an audio tape was released exposing Eminem’s opinion of Chris Brown’s 2009 assault of  Rhianna. In the newly leaked audio, Eminem (Marshall Mathers) raps, “I’d side with Chris Brown, I’d beat down a [expletive] too”. It was reportedly recorded during Eminem’s session for his 2009 track, “Relapse”. The song had allegedly been released only months after Brown’s charges took place. Chris Brown’s assault on his past girlfriend, Rhianna, occured in February of 2009, the night of the Grammy Awards in the back of his car. The rapper pleaded guilty and had to serve five years of probation for his actions. Since the release of the audio, neither artist, Eminem or Rhianna, have commented or responded towards the upload.