Jonas Brothers Release New Holiday Song “Like It’s Christmas”

Photo via Bustle

Photo via Bustle

Aryanna Lingo, Staff

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On Friday, November 8th, the Jonas Brothers released a new song, “Like It’s Christmas”, to start off the holiday season. The boy band showed a sneak peek on a recent Instagram post of the single’s artwork, with the boys wearing Santa Claus hats. Underneath the picture had the caption, “Mariah Carey has given the world the green light, so the holiday season has begun!!! Our brand new original Christmas song #LikeItsChristmas is out on Friday people.” This is the Jonas Brothers third Christmas holiday song, but, “Like It’s Christmas”, is the first in 11 years. The band’s first Christmas song was released in 2007, “Girl of My Dreams”, and only a year later they published a holiday classic, “Joy to the World”.