Bear Seen in Delaware



Jennifer Turcios, Staff

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Several streets were blocked in Wilmington, Delaware following the sighting of a bear.

The news spread on Thursday, December 5th, that a bear was running around near Trolley Square. Police planned to tranquilize the animal if possible, but they warned the people that if it got too close, they were going to have to shoot. Around 11am, it wasn’t clear where the bear was; Wilmington police made a statement that the roads were no longer closed due to the bear’s absence. Many sightings were reported around southeastern Pennsylvania over the past week, and later on police released a statement that residents in Delaware and Pennsylvania should seek shelter for their safety. On Thursday morning, a television camera spotted a bear in the backyard of a home near Trolley Square, lying in a pile of leaves. Police suggested that if you do encounter a bear, you should remain calm and not get close to it for your safety.