Amazon’s Largest Cyber Monday

Photo via Business Insider

Photo via Business Insider

Emilio Bernal, Staff

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It is not a surprise that people shop during these times, especially for the holidays. Amazon would be the first choice for someone who is looking for a cheap deal, and it comes incredibly fast. This year’s (December 2nd) Cyber Monday, set all kinds of records. It was Amazon’s biggest shopping day in their history. It is much easier for people to look at a website and decide on the spot for what they would like for themselves, and for their loved ones. Black Friday is a huge holiday for people, but people may not have the time or transportation to get to a shopping area. Large companies, like Amazon do not keep track of the amount of things that were shipped and packaged, but is it estimated a total of $9.2 billion were on sales. The people during the holidays, just need to be happy because it is a time when we are with family, friends, and where we can celebrate, without fights over some television.