Mystery Odor Circulating Delaware County

Matt DeLucia of NBC 10 Philadelphia reports on the odor.

Matt DeLucia of NBC 10 Philadelphia reports on the odor.

Devlin Barth, Staff

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Over the past weekend, several reports have surfaced describing a petroleum-like smell in Delaware County. 911 calls were made reporting an odd smell in the air. Stan Warfield, a resident in Brookhaven, says, “About 8:30 yesterday morning…Not a natural gas smell. More like a petroleum smell.” There are several gas pipelines located throughout Delaware County, but there’s no confirmation on whether this is the actual cause of the mysterious smell or not. Brookhaven Fire Chief Rob Montella has since investigated the odd smell, and has unfortunately uncovered nothing. “When we get on scene it only lasts a short period of time, by the time we get our monitors out it usually dissipates in 10 to 15 minutes.” The odor has since been reported showing up in places like Ashton, Pennsylvania and Ridley Township. State Representative Leanne Krueger comments, ““No one has been able to figure out where it’s coming from.”