Elsmere Restaurant Closed Due to Health Violations

Photo via Discover Magazine.

Photo via Discover Magazine.

Lila Dammeyer, Staff

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The Chinese Restaurant on Maryland Ave., China Dragon, was closed late December due to an inspector finding dead mice on the floor and dead gnats in their flour. The Division of Public Health ordered the restaurant to close because the conditions could “endanger public health”. The dead mice found during inspection were found under the steam table, and behind the water heater. The inspector also found dead roaches in a trap under the steam table. Gnats were found in the flour and sink, and there were “droppings throughout the facility”. In order for the restaurant to open again, the whole building had to be cleaned and all the rodents/pests had to be eliminated. At least 71 restaurants have closed during 2019, as the Health Department has made it easier for inspections to be available to the public.