LSU Tigers Win NCAA Championships


Photo via NBC News

Tim Griffiths , Staff

LSU won the NCAA championships yesterday night January 13, 2020. The game was between the LSU Tigers Vs. Clemson Tigers. The final score of the game was 25-42. The game was held at the Saints field in New Orleans. Josh Burrow, QB of LSU, finished with 463 yards on 31-of-49 passing. He had 5 passing touchdowns and no turnovers on the night. Clemson had LSU in the first half of the game with running touchdown by Trevor Lawrence, QB for Clemson, with the first quarter being 7 – 7.  LSU came out on fire, scoring 21 in the second giving them a demanding lead in the game. The second half of the game Clemson could not converge anything other than points giving the win to LSU. Congrats to LSU and to more great seasons to come for both teams.